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Beginner steel band chart, flexible for a group with varying experience levels. There are only a few sections to learn, making it easy to teach in a short period of time. This tune is based on four chords, which occur with different rhythmic patterns in each section. The double seconds and guitar parts are the easiest, needing to learn only two sets of double stops! The melody is only slightly more challenging than the accompaniment parts, so it would be perfect for students who can play independently, but aren't ready for a ton of notes yet. The bass part has independent rhythms and a few extra pitches, so we'd recommend assigning it to a confident player that can hold it down. The optional cello part has some chromatic licks, and would be great for a player who wants more of a challenge. Locust Post is in the Calypso style, and contains a solo section for improvisation practice!

Locust Post

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